• You keep 93% of the sales. We keep a small cut of 7%.
  • Keep track of your sales.
    • Email reports.
    • User account.

Sales Reports

Each month we publish sales reports to ensure you are always getting the most out of your music and our services. You will receive a detailed list by email of transactions from every retailer! You will also be able to check them through your user area. We receive sales reports 60 days after the close of the reported month. We normally take 25 days to update our system, publish to your account and send the report by email. Therefore, a month's sales is reported 75 days after the close of the month, for example, January's sales are finalized and published by April 25th.



Sepulchral Silence has a minimum payment threshold of $20 to reduce the impact of PayPal transaction fees. Earnings will accrue until this threshold has been reached or the account is closed. If you have exceeded the $20 threshold and have not received your payment within 5 business days, check if you have saved your PayPal email address in the User Profile and contact us for a re-issue.

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