Youken Group

We love using Sepulchral Silence, their services are just perfect and really quick. Their customer service is always there to help with any problem. If you are an independent label and you have no money, start with Sepulchral Silence they have the best deals and protect your creations on YouTube and worldwide.


Sepulchral Silence, es una página eficaz y que cumple lo prometido. Fácil de usar y sin complicaciones, lo mejor es que te da a rellenar sin limitaciones tu información proporcionada, en mi opinión es una buena plataforma, muy confiable y con muy buenos resultados.

Imprisoned by Flesh

Sepulchral Silence has treated us with respect and quality services. I was able to easily create a profile, upload my album and locate my band’s material on many streaming platforms with ease at no cost for us. Sepulchral Silence has been very transparent and consistent with communication and notifying us of any changes and updates to the service. I highly recommend working with Sepulchral Silence.