Frequent Asked Questions

When do I receive the payment?
Each time your account balance reaches the minimum threshold amount ($20.00).

How can I receive the payment?
Currently we only have one option for artists and record labels to accept payments, PayPal. 

How long does it take before my music will be available on our retail partners’ sites?
Usually, about 2 weeks. 

Why am I not seeing my stats updated daily?
Statistics on Sepulchral Silence aren't updated daily or in real time, this is because our retail partners only send us their statistics on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Please, remain patient and your stats are updated as soon as we receive them.

What file formats should I prepare for uploading?

  • Audio: wav, flac or MP3 320kbps.
  • Cover Art: Album artwork files should preferably be 1425x1425 pixels and .jpeg/.jpg format.

Does Sepulchral Silence offer physical CD distribution?
Sepulchral Silence is a digital distributor and doesn't offer physical CD distribution.

How do I take down my music from stores?
You can remove your content from any or all stores, at any time (at no charge). You can take down one release or multiple releases. All you need to do is email us with all relevant details of your release.

Will I be notified when my music is live in the stores?
Unfortunately stores and streaming services don't provide an automated notifications system for when your music goes live in the stores.  

Can I distribute a cover song through Sepulchral Silence?
Yes, you can. If you plan on distributing a cover song, you may need to first get permission (and possibly a license) from the original copyright holder to release your song digitally.

Am I giving Sepulchral Silence any rights to my music?
We only obtain the rights to distribute your music on your behalf. Artists always keep 100% ownership and rights.

Can the metadata for my release be in more than one language?
Yes, it can.  

Can I add or remove one of the tracks from my release once it has been finalized?
I'm afraid you may not. The only way to achieve that effect would be to permanently remove that entire release from all the stores and upload an amended version of the release.