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This agreement covers all personal data collected and retained both directly by Sepulchral Silence.

The Purpose of this policy is to make sure Sepulchral Silence complies with all current Spanish and EU data protection laws, as well as to ensure sensitive information provided to the company by it's clients is protected to the best of our abilities. This agreement will last for the duration of the clients working relationship with Sepulchral Silence.

When processing personal data supplied by the client, Sepulchral Silence will only act on the written instructions of the client (unless required by law to act without such instructions). Sepulchral Silence will not pass on personal data supplied by the client to any 3rd parties, without the written instructions of the client (unless required by law to act without such instructions). All client personal data held by Sepulchral Silence is stored on servers located with the EU. These servers may be owned and operated by third party companies who comply with the relevant Spanish and EU data protection laws.

Sepulchral Silence will take appropriate measures to ensure the security of all personal data in its possession.

Appropriate measures will be based on a number of factors, including the sensitivity of the data involved, the probability of any breach of data occurring, and the cost involved in trying to prevent such a breach.
It should be noted that such an agreement does not mean that Sepulchral Silence can assure no data breaches will occur, simply that reasonable measures based on the potential risk of a breach versus the cost of negating it have been taken. Sepulchral Silence will ensure that all employees (including contractors) with access to data, are aware of the companies current Data Protection Policy, and their need to abide by it.

Where data is held by Sepulchral Silence on behalf of the client, we will assist the client in providing subject data access and allowing data subjects to exercise their rights as required under current Spanish and EU law where necessary.
Note that charges may apply for abnormal access requests of client data, unless such requests are required to be free of charge under Spanish or EU law.

Sepulchral Silence will notify clients within 72 hours of it becoming aware of any breach of personal data controlled by the client and held by Sepulchral Silence, where the data is covered by provisions that require it to notify within this period under Spanish or EU law.

Sepulchral Silence will delete or return all personal data to the controller as requested at the end of their contract, note that Sepulchral Silence may retain some data after a client's contract has ended, as allowed under Spanish and EU law, for the purposes of carrying out any remaining obligations to the client (e.g. payment of residual royalty income) or to record that a relationship between Sepulchral Silence and the client formerly existed, and the nature of the past relationship as is reasonable in carrying out the company's future business obligations. It is therefore the client's responsibility to make sure records of any data which it may require in the future have been exported from their user account before terminating their contract, as Sepulchral Silence cannot be held responsible for deletion of data after a clients contract has been terminated.

Sepulchral Silence will co-operate with all Spanish and EU supervisory authorities, and submit to audits and inspections, as it is required to under Spanish and EU law. Note that unless prevented by law, Sepulchral Silence may recoup the costs of such audits and inspections from the client. Nothing in this contract relieves the client of their own legal obligations and responsibilities under Spanish and EU law, and their own local laws, in relation to the data that they collect and control through their user account.

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