MonkingMe is a music streaming service from Spain. Users can listen to online and offline songs for free, in exchange for viewing advertisements,
answering surveys and other advertising actions that generate an economic benefit. Sell your music on MonkingMe.


Sell your music on MonkingMe. Service Type

MonkingMe has various available services: Music streaming and download, Merchandising, Promotion and Advertising.

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Streaming service subscription plans

  • Free (no ads)
  • Monetized (streaming audio ads)

Downloads service subscription plans

  • Free (no ads)
  • Force like (no ads, user must Like the content in MonkingMe)
  • Show video (no ads, user must watch YouTube video)
  • Show info (no ads, user will view specified text)
  • Solidary (user must watch solidary/charity ad)
  • Monetized (user must watch an ad)

MonkingMe also supports Subscription Plans for artists.



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Sepulchral Silence, officially founded in 2020, is a digital music distribution company for independent artists, record labels and small distribution companies to sell their music online. Thanks to SonoSuite technology and distribution agreements with Merlin, the world’s largest digital distribution network, we offer a quality distribution service where the user has total control over the distribution process.

At Sepulchral Silence we are specialized in the digital distribution of all types of music and any musical genre. From Rock and Metal to Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Reggae, Classical and many more. We also distribute Ringtones only to iTunes.

Sell ​​your music on MonkingMe. Sepulchral Silence distributes in more than 150 digital stores. Keep up to 95% of guaranteed royalties depending on your cummulate sales. Create your account now and start selling your music worldwide. Keep 100% of the Copyright. More information at