Zvooq – Russian for “sound” – is the leading Digital Music Service in Russia, Ukraine, Baltics, and Central Asia. The service launched in beta in June 2013 with mobile apps rolling out in Oct 2013 and full feature in June 2014, becoming the most downloaded app in the Russian iTunes App store.It’s a multi-platform streaming service that can be used on PCs, smartphones and tablets. The service retains a catalog of 15 million songs, representing 500,000 artists and 25,000 labels. Sell your music on Zvooq.


Sell your music on Zvooq. Service Type

Zvooq offers music via streams.

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Zvooq is available is currently available in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

Go Live Time

It takes between 1-3 weeks days after delivery to have your tracks available in

Pay rate

The service has both free, advertising-based and paid, advertising-free tiers.
Rather than charge a fee for unlimited, advertising-free access — the Spotify pricing model — Zvooq charges two monthly rates, 33 rubles ($0.91) and 66 rubles ($1.82), that lets users listen to three albums a day and seven albums a day, respectively.

Paid Streams: You get paid a proportionate share of subscription revenue per month calculated on terms set out in our agreement with the store (this usually excludes streams during a subscriber’s free trial). Payments will fluctuate each month, depending on the amount of subscription revenue generated and how many times your music was streamed.

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