Youtube Content ID

How does Youtube Content ID work?

Simply put, Content ID allows artists and labels to monetise their content across the YouTube platform. It does this by using audio matching software which identifies and claims videos using your audio matches. As part of the Content ID offering we are also submitting releases for auto-generated videos, or "Art Tracks," for use within YouTube and their Music Key service. ​ Due to the nature of audio matching software there are some rules to using this system, we will not be able to enter you in for YouTube distribution if your music breaks any of the following Content ID rules:

  • No Karaoke, Tribute or Sound-a-like
  • No Remixes or Unauthorised Samples
  • No Creative Commons, full recordings or sample use
  • No Public Domain, full recordings or sample use
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Youtube Content ID FAQ

How does Content ID benefit me?
If your music is added to the YouTube Content ID it allows you to collect royalties on any video containing your matched audio, whether it is uploaded by you, a peer or someone completely random. This is great for you in many ways, most of all it means you can now share your content further and faster without worrying about missed royalties!

How much and when will I get paid?
Sepulchral Silence will pay you 93% of your royalties - being our commission 7% of the sales. Payments will be done by PayPal each time your account balance reaches the minimum payment threshold of $20. ​​

Where can I see my sales?
Sepulchral Silence will send you a sales report by email every month. Sales reports are delivered 75 days after the end of every month (i.e. January sales are reported by the 15th of April, February sales by the 15th of May).

What are Art Tracks?
Arts Tracks are auto-generated videos by YouTube and are generated for anything Sepulchral Silence enters in the YouTube Content ID system. They are monetised in exactly the same way as user generated videos, using your audio matches. Sepulchral Silence claims them on your behalf and monetises (where possible), ready for reporting back to you monthly, through our sales reports.

How do Art Tracks benefit me?
Let's say perhaps you don't have an official video for your audio, the Art Track will ensure your music is searchable in YouTube, giving a direct link to your music. Art tracks will eventually be fully optimised for searches and could give your music and extra promotional avenue. ​​

Why aren't my audio matches being monetised using Content ID?
Sometimes Sepulchral Silence will not be able to monetise your audio matches, this usually occurs when the ownership of the audio is under conflict. Should this happen we will work as quickly as possible to lock down the correct ownership with you, so everything can run as normal.

I run a channel, why is Sepulchral Silence making a claim on my videos?
If the audio used in your videos has been entered for Content ID, Sepulchral Silence will claim and attempt to monetise those videos. ​​

Why is Sepulchral Silence claiming ownership over my video/audio?
We aren't! When Sepulchral Silence makes a claim in YouTube we are doing it on behalf of you the original artist, label or content owner. The claim details sent to you by YouTube can be a little misleading, they may say IP/FUGA owns the copyright and are making a claim based on that fact. Sepulchral Silence never takes any ownership away from you, the content provider, you are free to opt out of the YouTube programme at any time.

How do I cancel/opt-out of the YouTube programme with Sepulchral Silence?
This is achieved in a couple of ways. Send us an email ( with the name of the releases you need removing. It could take up to 30 days to completely remove our claims in Content ID and the auto generated Arts Tracks.

Why does Sepulchral Silence claim they own the copyright to my track when making claims on YouTube videos?
Sepulchral Silence does not claim the copyright of any of our tracks. Content ID claims are made on the behalf of the original artist.