Youtube Monetization

How does Youtube Monetization work?

Simply put, Content ID allows artists and labels to monetise their content across the YouTube platform. It does this by using audio matching software which identifies and claims videos using your audio matches. As part of the Content ID offering we are also submitting releases for auto-generated videos, or "Art Tracks," for use within YouTube and their Music Key service. ​ Due to the nature of audio matching software there are some rules to using this system, we will not be able to enter you in for YouTube distribution if your music breaks any of the following Content ID rules:

  • No Karaoke, Tribute or Sound-a-like
  • No Remixes or Unauthorised Samples
  • No Creative Commons, full recordings or sample use
  • No Public Domain, full recordings or sample use

Facebook Monetization

How does Facebook Monetization work?

We partnered with the biggest network in the world, connecting over 1 billion people around the world. We'll be working with Facebook to ensure that whenever your music is used that you get your credit and earnings for it and prevent people stealing and uploading your hard work.

How does Soundcloud Monetization work?

Deliver your tracks to Soundcloud. Soundcloud will place them on the artist profile (if you have one) or they will create a profile for the artist automatically. This will also then catch any additional third party uploads for monetisation.