Que opinan algunos artistas

Distribuimos música de todos los géneros. Ya seas un artista, un grupo o un sello discográfico, tanto emergente o reconocido mundialmente esta es tu plataforma de distribución. En Sepulchral Silence estamos especializados en la distribución digital de todo tipo de música y cualquier género musical. Desde Rock y Metal hasta Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance, Electrónica, Jazz, Reggae, Clásica y muchos más. También distribuimos Ringtones sólo a iTunes. Que opinan algunos artistas:

Thomas Haywood, owner of Redefining Darkness Records and Seeing Red Records

After using a number of other digital distribution services, Sepulchral Silence won me over with the ease of their submission process and the outstanding level of service they provide. Anytime I need anything, there’s a direct contact I can reach out to who responds right away to any question or request I may have.

Lorenzo Marchello, owner of Kolony Records

Sepulchral Silence is user-friendly, easy to use, and provides worldwide top digital distribution network without any entry fee. Payments for sales are quick and safe. 100% satisfied!

Meadow Grove

Dungeon Synth is not music for the masses, but I’m happy to get it distributed through Sepulchral Silence. I’m very satisfied with the service.


We are incredibly satisfied with the service we receive from Sepulchral Silence.


It’s been a very positive experience for us! You are all very accessible and very fast in replying to any inquiries. The distribution is also very fast and the sale percentage share is pretty fair since it’s a free distribution service! Highly recommended!


Sepulchral Silence has an extremely straight-forward upload system, clear payment details and extremely fast and prompt customer support. They don’t treat you like just another band on their platform, and that’s why we love their service!

Imprisoned by Flesh

Sepulchral Silence has treated us with respect and quality services. I was able to easily create a profile, upload my album and locate my band’s material on many streaming platforms with ease at no cost for us. Sepulchral Silence has been very transparent and consistent with communication and notifying us of any changes and updates to the service. I highly recommend working with Sepulchral Silence.

Laburnum Diver

Platform is easy to use, guys from the support are very fast and eager to help. For us as a small local band this service is perfect, since we wanted to share our music all around the world without too much of a management and with the clearest conditions possible. We are satisfied so far.


Sepulchral Silence, es una página eficaz y que cumple lo prometido. Fácil de usar y sin complicaciones, lo mejor es que te da a rellenar sin limitaciones tu información proporcionada, en mi opinión es una buena plataforma, muy confiable y con muy buenos resultados.

Lord Sithis

I have received exactly the service that was offered and the staff has been efficient and helpful. Any time there’s been a problem on my side or the company’s side, contact has been established and quickly solved. All in all, I’m honestly fine here.

She Tames Chaos

It’s amazing how you get the same services top notch distributors provide, free of charge! Sepulchral Silence is an emerging industry force!

Youken Group

We love using Sepulchral Silence, their services are just perfect and really quick. Their customer service is always there to help with any problem. If you are an independent label and you have no money, start with Sepulchral Silence they have the best deals and protect your creations on YouTube and worldwide.

The Richer

It is the best service which even has more features than Distrokid. Sepulchral Silence is the best. May this company be the No 1 in the world.

Yassin Wael

One of the most respected, appreciated and successful distributors as I have never had any problems with anything with them.

Goat Fetus

Our experience with using the services Sepulchral Silence provides have been great! They are helpful in helping you answer any questions you might have. The artist website is easy to use and has a professional and contains all the information you’re looking for. We definitely recommend working with Sepulchral Silence.


We have published several releases through Sepulchral Silence. The platform is easy to use and has enough features for bands like us to distribute their music online.

Umbilicus Necis

Truly impeccable service, but above all always very helpful with immediate answers to any question. Professionalism Guaranteed.

Primordial Serpent

They are committed to having their artists distributed to many different platforms of the artist’s choosing and within a reasonable timeframe which is fantastic.

Sepulchral Silence

Oficialmente fundada en 2020, es una empresa de distribución de música digital para que artistas independientes, sellos discográficos y empresas de distribución puedan vender su música online. Gracias a la tecnología de SonoSuite y los acuerdos de distribución con Merlin, la red de distribución digital más grande del mundo, ofrecemos un servicio de distribución de calidad dónde el usuario tiene el control total sobre el proceso de distribución.

Con Sepulchral Silence puedes distribuir discos ilimitados a más de 150 tiendas de música online y siempre manteniendo el 100% de los derechos de autor. Cobra mensualmente tus regalías, entre 85% – 95% dependiendo de tus ventas acumuladas. Monetiza tu contenido a través de YouTube Content ID así como promocionar tu música en Facebook e Instagram. No lo dudes, regístrate hoy mismo y empieza a vender tu música en todo el mundo!