What do some of our users think?

Giacomo Bisciarri (Bsharry, Jacques Lenoir, and others)

Genre: Electronic  |  Country: Italy

“Other distributors I use are not as approachable, friendly, and care about my career as you do. This is the right way, always staying close to what we do. Bellissimo distributor! I’ve already recommended your service to fellow artists and labels I collaborate with in Italy.”a


Genre: Alternative/Pop  |  Country: Slovenia

“My project’s associated label and I are highly content with the service provided. We find it incredibly refreshing that Sepulchral Silence isn’t solely focused on corporate interests. What truly stands out is the absence of automation; here, we’re not just another statistic. The personal touch they provide, taking the time to identify and communicate with their artists individually, is truly commendable.”

Nox Terror

Genre: Rock/Metal  |  Country: Chile

“This is a testimony by Nox Terror from Chile and as a band coming from a very remote place I want to thank you all… for giving us the opportunity to showcase our music through your distribution platform. They even provide excellent attention and assistance when needed. We highly recommend it.”

Ox en Mayo Alto

Genre: Alternative/Experimental
Country: Argentina

“We’re extremely pleased with the service. While we encountered a minor issue regarding the fourth EP when I mistakenly deleted the third one, Sepulchral Silence promptly resolved it. Throughout our experience, we’ve encountered no other issues with the platform. Additionally, the payment system works seamlessly; we’re able to easily withdraw our earnings from our music, and the process functions perfectly.”a


Genre: Metal  |  Country: Italy

“I was afraid of missing out on something when registering my song, but everything was easy in the end. Also I like how the system works. We were paying before an annual fee with other distributors, and as an emerging artist streaming is not much at times, so we like the royalty system, we earn, you earn and we are sure we will grow together. I am really stoked about finally feeling like I have a partnership with my distributor. I will recommend this distribution service to other artists.”a

Erasing Mankind

Genre: Metal  |  Country: Egypt

“You guys have a very good service. Before we were using other aggregators and I can see very clearly the difference, I am switching all my content to SS. You guys have an insane release time. You are very good at pushing things. It’s a very complete service.”

Black Sunset

Genre: Alternative  |  Country: Chile

“I decided to migrate from another distributor to Sepulchral Silence since it is honestly the only one that gives me confidence compared to all other distributors that exist.”

Ziraliyo Music

Genre: World  |  Country: India

“Sepulchral Silence has provided an unparalleled experience with its exceptional service, seamlessly addressing every aspect of my needs. The customer service is prompt, professional, and incredibly accommodating, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable interaction. The transparency and efficiency in handling royalties and payments further exemplify their commitment to excellence. Overall, my experience with Sepulchral Silence has been nothing short of outstanding, establishing them as a reliable and top-tier partner in the industry.”


Genre: Jazz  |  Country: Philippines

“When I started out as a musician, it was hard to find a service to distribute my music. However, I found out about Sepulchral Silence randomly in a video comment section talking about them.. I decided to try it out, since it was free. I distributed my music, then, within two weeks, it was released! I was pretty happy to see what I’ve worked so hard for on these big streaming sites. The pay system is fantastic, as it is fair and consistent. The threshold itself is a good ceiling, making sure the artist is legitimate before paying them. Overall, Sepulchral Silence, while being an underdog in the music industry, is one of the best.”

Lifeless Exhales

Genre: Metal  |  Country: USA

“Sepulchral Silence is a great service! So easy to use and easy to understand, after using the service I got some of the music up on Spotify in no time! I can’t recommend it enough.”

Unicorn Hole

Genre: Rock/Metal  |  Country: USA

“Unicorn Hole has only used Sepulchral Silence for one release so far, but we will be switching for future releases. The process is streamlined, the interface is clean, and the turnaround time is great. We had a question and reached out to support, and their answer came way sooner than expected (and way sooner than it would have with the more popular distributor we had been using before). We’ve got no complaints at all about Sepulchral Silence!”

Juan Manuel Ponce

Genre: Rock  |  Country: Peru

“I started working with Sepulchral Silence in August 2019, and since then it has been the platform of excellence for distributing my recording, both singles and albums. The service and customer support they offer is of great quality and the platform is very friendly and intuitive. Greetings and thanks for the support and assistance provided.”

Abysmal Growls of Despair

Genre: Metal  |  Country: United Kingdom

“I have been a member of Sepulchral Silence for many years now and I am very pleased with them.The website and platform are easy to use and to navigate, the sales are easy to track and I have received my royalties promptly through PayPal multiple times. I never encountered a problem and the few questions I asked the staff have been answered quickly and clearly. I highly recommend Sepulchral Silence!”


Genre: Rock/Metal  |  Country: Italy

“I came to Sepulchral Silence a couple of years ago, when I decided to distribute my sounds by myself; since then, I have released a single and two EP’s. The user interface is intuitive and flexible, the royalty’s distribution is fair, and the Customer Service is reliable and fast responsive. I highly recommend Sepulchral Silence to each artist who wants to share their music on digital platforms. Horns Up!”


Genre: Alternative/Rock  |  Country: Mexico

“As an artist, I can attest to my experience with Sepulchral Silence. Regarding the service offered, it is a first-class service, fast and efficient. […] Customer service is also efficient, requests made via email are resolved very well. Regarding royalties, it seems to me that the percentages are fair. I am very comfortable with you all.”

The Mugshots

Genre: Metal  |  Country: USA/Italy

“Sepulchral Silence’s service is super-duper! Ultra-easy and honest way to distribute your music everywhere with an intuitive platform to upload the songs. Fair royalties and… Hellyeah, what a great distributor is Sepulchral Silence. Testimony by Italian dark rockers Mickey E.Vil and The Mugshots!”

Bazar Asia

Genre: Rock  |  Country: Spain

“It is a real pleasure to use this platform. We have been there for a little while, but long enough to have seen them solve problems with us side by side and see how to work the win-win formula with the artists. For many more years.”


Genre: Pop  |  Country: Perú

“I appreciate Sepulchral Silence because the team has been incredibly responsive, providing quick communication. Accessing the platforms and receiving support from the entire team has been effortless. I sense the platform’s evolution and growth, and I’m excited to be a part of it. I encourage others to join the SS family and experience it for themselves.”


Genre: Metal  |  Country: Brasil

“It’s been a very positive experience for us! You are all very accessible and very fast in replying to any inquiries. The distribution is also very fast and the sale percentage share is pretty fair since it’s a free distribution service! Highly recommended!”


Genre: Rock  |  Country: Portugal

“Sepulchral Silence has an extremely straight-forward upload system, clear payment details and extremely fast and prompt customer support. They don’t treat you like just another band on their platform, and that’s why we love their service!”

Lord Sithis

Genre: Rock/Metal  |  Country: Spain

“I have received exactly the service that I was offered and the staff has been efficient and helpful. Any time there’s been a problem on my side or the company’s side, contact has been established and quickly solved. Overall, I’m truly satisfied.”


Genre: Metal  |  Country: Belgium

“We have published several releases through Sepulchral Silence. The platform is easy to use and has enough features for bands like us to distribute their music online.”

Meadow Grove

Genre: Dungeon Synth  |  Country: Finland

“Dungeon Synth is not music for the masses, but I’m happy to get it distributed through Sepulchral Silence. I’m very satisfied with the service.”

Umbilicus Necis

Genre: Metal  |  Country: Italy

“Truly impeccable service, but above all, always very helpful with immediate answers to any question. Professionalism Guaranteed.”

Primordial Serpent

Genre: Metal  |  Country: Canada

“They are committed to having their artists distributed to many different platforms of the artist’s choosing and within a reasonable timeframe which is fantastic.”

Thomas Haywood, owner of Redefining Darkness Records and Seeing Red Records

Genre: Metal  |  Country: USA

“After using a number of other digital distribution services, Sepulchral Silence won me over with the ease of their submission process and the outstanding level of service they provide. Anytime I need anything, there’s a direct contact who I can reach out to and responds right away to any question or request I may have.”

Ricardo Gelok, owner of Non Serviam Records

Genre: Metal  |  Country: Netherlands

“Sepulchral Silence offers a comprehensive distribution service. It is also very easy to use. We, at Non Serviam Records, recommend Sepulchral Silence to all record labels.”

Antiq Label

Genre: Metal  |  Country: France

“I am delighted with the service offered. Ultra-fast delivery on platforms, excellent customer support and quick answer to any enquiry.”

Lorenzo Marchello, owner of Kolony Records

Genre: Metal  |  Country: Italy

“Sepulchral Silence is user-friendly, easy to use, and provides a worldwide top digital distribution network without any entry fee. Payments earned by sales are paid promptly and safely. 100% satisfied!”

Matteo Antonelli, owner of Masked Dead Records

Genre: Rock/Metal/Electronic  |  Country: Italy

“Sepulchral Silence is something that many little labels always wished for, but this time it’s real. Very professional, 100% efficient and reliable. Sepulchral Silence is the way!”

Monumental Rex

Genre: Metal  |  Country: Portugal

“Monumental Rex has been collaborating with Sepulchral Silence since 2015. The release workflow always goes smoothly and in a timely manner, with prompt and helpful customer service, and a fair royalty system in place.Overall, I am highly satisfied with the service. Keep up the great work!”

Scalt Records

Genre: Electronic  |  Country: Netherlands

“We are extremely happy with Sepulchral Silence as our distributor and aggregator. By our other distributor our music was rejected all the time. With Sepulchral Silence there are no long wait times. Also the help/support is easy without fuss just through a simple “Support Ticket” and when I need help Sepulchral Silence responds within a few days to even 1 day. Royalties are paid out nicely. And I actually do not write a longer testimonial because yes… there are just no complaints, it’s just perfect.”

Tin Ghetto Records

Genre: Rock/Metal  |  Country: USA

“Tin Ghetto Records started as an idea amongst friends serving as a vehicle to share our music with larger audiences. That vehicle would not have been possible without Sepulchral Silence. Sepulchral Silence offers what is quite possibly the easiest, most intuitive and user friendly service to publish music to major digital platforms. We here at Tin Ghetto Records started as a group that knew absolutely nothing about how to get from the garage (where they started rehearsing) to digital platforms but Sepulchral Silence has made the process so simple anybody can do it. Sepulchral Silence is the real deal.”