Anghami is the largest music streaming app in the Middle East and North Africa. Claims to have The Sound of Freedom, and this sound can be heard anywhere, anytime.
Discover, stream and download from a library of millions of Arabic and International songs for free, create playlists for every minute of your day and share them with everyone, and enjoy podcasts from all around the region. Sell your music on Anghami.


Sell your music on Anghami

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Audible magic Sepulchral Silence

Create your personalized music library: Gather your favorite songs and create playlists for your every mood and occasion. We will recommend music according to your taste. The more you play, the better the recommendations will be!

Discover new music: Let yourself be carried away with the best hits from your favorite artists, play the latest releases or explore playlists curated by our own team of experts.

Share with Friends: Discover new music through people whose taste fit yours. Share your best discoveries on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and Anghami chat.

Stay up-to-date: Follow your favorite artists and we will make sure you stay up-to-date with their new music!

Synchronization with different devices: Anghami is available in smartphones, car applications, wearables, desktops, game consoles, etc

Stream high-quality music up to 320Kbps in pure Dolby so you play top quality music and use little data.

Sell your music on Anghami.


Middle East and North Africa.

Sell ​​your music on Anghami. Sepulchral Silence distributes in more than 150 digital stores. Keep up to 95% of guaranteed royalties depending on your cummulate sales. Create your account now and start selling your music worldwide. Keep 100% of the Copyright. More information at