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Genre: Metal  |  Country: Italy

“I was afraid of missing out on something when registering my song, but everything was easy in the end. Also I like how the system works. We were paying before an annual fee with other distributors, and as an emerging artist streaming is not much at times, so we like the royalty system, we earn, you earn and we are sure we will grow together. I am really stoked about finally feeling like I have a partnership with my distributor. I will recommend this distribution service to other artists.”a

Giacomo Bisciarri (Bsharry, Jacques Lenoir, and others)

Genre: Electronic  |  Country: Italy

“Other distributors I use are not as approachable, friendly, and care about my career as you do. This is the right way, always staying close to what we do. Bellissimo distributor! I’ve already recommended your service to fellow artists and labels I collaborate with in Italy.”a

Ox en Mayo Alto

Genre: Alternative/Experimental
Country: Argentina

“We’re extremely pleased with the service. While we encountered a minor issue regarding the fourth EP when I mistakenly deleted the third one, Sepulchral Silence promptly resolved it. Throughout our experience, we’ve encountered no other issues with the platform. Additionally, the payment system works seamlessly; we’re able to easily withdraw our earnings from our music, and the process functions perfectly.”a


Genre: Pop  |  Country: Perú

“I appreciate Sepulchral Silence because the team has been incredibly responsive, providing quick communication. Accessing the platforms and receiving support from the entire team has been effortless. I sense the platform’s evolution and growth, and I’m excited to be a part of it. I encourage others to join the SS family and experience it for themselves.”