AWA is a Japanese music streaming service.
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Listen to AWA’s catalog as much as you want, anytime, anywhere.
 AWA analyzes your preferences, mood, and situation to automatically recommend music.


Sell your music on AWA

You can use their mobile app without ads even for free. They have a freemium and premium plan.

AWA Sepulchral Silence

Main Features

  • Play online: Download songs to play them offline.
  • Display lyrics: Automatically display lyrics during song play, karaoke style.
  • No ads: Enjoy music without ads even on the free plan.
  • Advanced searching: In addition to keyword searches, the app can also listen to surrounding sounds to identify songs.
  • Extensive playlists: Lots of official playlists by famous DJs and artists.
  • Compatible with various devices: Access on your PC and tablet as well as your smartphone.

Sell your music on AWA.

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Sepulchral Silence, officially founded in 2020, is a digital music distribution company for independent artists, record labels and small distribution companies to sell their music online. Thanks to SonoSuite technology and distribution agreements with Merlin, the world’s largest digital distribution network, we offer a quality distribution service where the user has total control over the distribution process.

At Sepulchral Silence we are specialized in the digital distribution of all types of music and any musical genre. From Rock and Metal to Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Reggae, Classical and many more. We also distribute Ringtones only to iTunes.

Sell ​​your music on AWA. Sepulchral Silence distributes in more than 150 digital stores. Keep up to 95% of guaranteed royalties depending on your cummulate sales. Create your account now and start selling your music worldwide. Keep 100% of the Copyright. More information at