Sell your music with AWA

AWA is a Japanese streaming music service. AWA analyzes your preferences, mood, and situation to automatically recommend music. Download the app to start right away without registration. You can use it without ads even for free.

Sell your music with AWA

AWA offers two types of plans: Standard and Free.

On Standard, you’ll have full, unlimited access to features, including full playback and offline playback that doesn’t consume data. Offers a limited-time free trial for those who sign up for the Standard Plan for the first time.

On the free plan, it allows access to on-demand playback and playlist creation without adding. Enjoy up to 20 hours of highlight playback per month. Full playback and offline playback are disabled with this plan.


  • Play online: Download songs to play them without using the Internet
  • Display lyrics: Automatically display lyrics during song play, karaoke-style
  • The lounge feature: Create a collaborative ‘room’ with a set musical theme
  • Advanced searching: In addition to keyword searches, the app can also listen to surrounding sounds to identify songs
  • Extensive playlists: Lots of official playlists by famous DJs and artists
  • Compatible with various devices: Access on your PC and tablet as well as your smartphone


AWA Music is currently only available to users in Japan.