Why Jaxsta?
When it comes to music credits, it’s important to get them right. They represent the contributions of every dedicated professional who played a part in the creation of a piece of music – not just the big stars. And while once it was possible to flip open a vinyl record jacket or CD booklet and peruse the list of credits, as streaming and downloading services have replaced physical product, the details of those precious behind-the-scenes contributions have been largely lost. Sell your music on Jaxsta.


Sell your music on Jaxsta

How can Jaxsta add value for Artists?

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In many ways, but one of the main ones is visibility. Jaxsta ensures that creators’ works can be easily found, and that they will receive the credit they’re due. It will also assist them when seeking jobs and commissions, as their catalog of works will be conveniently accessible under their profile, acting as an official resume or CV. Jaxsta will also assist in the discovery of new music, as users ‘deep dive’ and follow the works of various contributors to see what else they’ve been involved with. By working with Jaxsta, Artists can ensure that the information being distributed is official, helping not only with visibility in the market place but all-important accuracy.

Jaxsta is on a mission to create the world’s most comprehensive database of official music credits, collected from trusted sources such as record labels, publishers, distributors and many more. They collaborate with these valued partners to ensure that the people who work on the music everyone love get credit where credit is due. It’s a journey – they’ll always be ingesting more and more credits to make sure that Jaxsta is the ultimate destination for trusted, official music information.

Jaxsta received releases’ metadata from all territories and regions. Sell your music on Jaxsta.

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Sepulchral Silence, officially founded in 2020, is a digital music distribution company for independent artists, record labels and small distribution companies to sell their music online. Thanks to SonoSuite technology and distribution agreements with Merlin, the world’s largest digital distribution network, we offer a quality distribution service where the user has total control over the distribution process.

At Sepulchral Silence we are specialized in the digital distribution of all types of music and any musical genre. From Rock and Metal to Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Reggae, Classical and many more. We also distribute Ringtones only to iTunes.

Sell ​​your music on Jaxsta. Sepulchral Silence distributes in more than 150 digital stores. Keep up to 95% of guaranteed royalties depending on your cummulate sales. Create your account now and start selling your music worldwide. Keep 100% of the Copyright. More information at