Kanjian is a global music enterprise that leverages technology to bring together music artists, fans and brands to the largest consumer market in the world – Asia.
Partners with artists, labels, and managers alike and has already helped more than 7,500 labels and 250,000 artists to reach more than 1 billion listeners worldwide, including China. Sell your music on Kanjian.


Sell your music on Kanjian.

Channels list

kdigitalmedia Sepulchral Silence

Compatible channels

Acer, Artistxite, Audiojungle, B612, China Unicom (Wo Music), Bandcamp., Bilibili, Bleep, CCA, CDON, Celcom, Changba, Chunghwa Mobile, Coolvox, CTS Eventim AG, Dance All Day, DiGi, Digitally Imported, Douban Music, Douyin, Dragonfly FM, Echo, eMusic, ExLibris, FETnet, Findspire, Flipagram, FNAC, Forest Incentives, Friday Music (Omusic), FUHU, Gismart, Global Radio,, High Res Audio, Himalayan FM, HMV, hmv PLAY (Soliton), HTC One, Huawei Music, Huawei Music – Hi res, Huawei South Africa, Huawei Middle Eeast, iam+ Dial, iFeng, Jeou Tai, Jinli Music, Kanjian Music, Koala FM, Kobo, Kuaishou, Kuyin Ringtone, La Musica, Last FM, Lenovo Music, Lenovo Sound, Lequ Music, Lizhi FM, Love Music (China Telecom), Mach by Mariposa, Maxis, Me2u Music, Media Markt, Medion.

Mi Tracks, Migu Music (China Mobile), Mixette, Mixpixie, Mixup Digital, Moi Mir, MOOV, MQA, MusicQubed, MyMusic, Naver, NEC, nMusic, Odnoklassniki, Onkyo, Open Live, Overmax, Pledge, Pono, Prodigium/ Infogo, Psonar, Pubbles, Pulselocker, QNX CAR™, Raku, ROK mobile, Sainsburys, Saturn, Stellar, TDC, T Star, Qianqian Music, TaiHua, Taiwan Mobile, TDC/TDC Mobile, Technics Tracks, The Overflow, TingTing FM, Triplay, Tunewiki, Tuzhan, U-Mobile, Ucmba, Vibe, VUE, Walkgame, Wasu TV, Weibo Music, Weltbild DE, We Sing, WEYV, Xiaomi Music, Xiaoying, Xiumi, Xiutang, Yiqixiu.

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