Sepulchral Silence PUBLISHING

If you are a songwriter, you have copyright royalties waiting for you!

There are still more royalties to collect

In addition to what you generate from distribution, we help you collect your copyright royalties.

Here are the top three ways your compositions can make money:

Performance Royalties

Mechanical Royalties

Synchronization Licenses

Collect what is yours

The Music Industry is constantly evolving.


At Sepulchral Silence we work to always stay updated and thus offer you the tools to get what you deserve.


Publishing Administration

Collect your royalties from one place.


Sync Licenses

Opportunities to synchronize your music on TV, movies, among others


Keep your Copyrights

All your rights always with you


Monetization of your content

With YouTube Content ID, SoundExchange, Facebook Rights Manager


Your music in visual media: a great way to expand your reach as an artist and make your music visible.

Have your music chosen for movie soundtracks, TV shows, advertisements, video games and more.

Movie Soundtracks

T.V. Series


Video Games