The Beginnings

The project began as a hobby in Terrassa, Barcelona, ​​when our CEO, Oriol Oller, decided to help his friends from the Extreme Metal scene distribute their musical projects through CD Baby.


Platform Change

The hobby begins to spread within the Extreme Metal scene. More musical projects join the distribution and Record Labels also join. This year Oriol changes CD Baby to RouteNote as his distribution platform.



The project, even as a hobby, continues to grow within Extreme Metal. Due to the increase in projects to manage, Oriol decides to opt for AMPsuite as the distribution platform. The year 2017 arrives with about 200 users and about 1,000 distributed releases.


Inflection Point

The project stops being a hobby and Sepulchral Silence is officially born. A distribution agreement that allows the user to take control of their entire distribution process is reached with SonoSuite. Thanks to the reception, the service begins to expand to all musical genres and the entire world. In 2019 there were 560 registered users on the platform.


Sustained Growth

The company continues to grow continuously. As of the end of 2021, Sepulchral Silence has more than 4,300 users and a significant number of distributed releases.



Sepulchral Silence has established itself as one of the favorite free distributors for users, thanks to the good previous results and the improvements implemented in the service. The year 2022 registers a total of 13,395 users; 18,290 releases and 66,675 songs distributed.


The Team Grows and so Our Services

In 2023, strategic members become part of the Sepulchral Silence team and additional services such as Playlist Pitching and Artist Promotion are implemented. The target number of registrations is far exceeded, reaching 26,750 users, and more than 100,000 songs are distributed. In 2023, the company reaches maturity in financial terms.


Our goal is to facilitate the self-management of digital distribution and royalty collection for independent artists, labels and creators in a clear, transparent and fair manner.

At Sepulchral Silence we are committed to helping our users grow in their artistic career, which is why we are constantly implementing tools and content that gives them autonomy and allows them to nurture their artistic side and their profile as an Entrepreneur in the Music Business.


We care about listening to you and attending to your needs because we understand that efficiency in our service allows you more time to continue developing your musical project.



We act correctly.

Frankness and Transparency

We act honestly and we express ourselves clearly.


We give each person what belongs to them.


We understand and share the feelings of others.

Community and Belonging

Union is strength and is our greatest motivation.


Oriol Oller
Oriol Oller

“Graduate in Business Administration and Management from the UAB and a great lover of music, especially extreme metal.

I have developed my professional experience in the field of Finance (Accounting and Financial Controlling) in different companies while simultaneously developing the Sepulchral Silence project.

In 2021 I was finally able to dedicate myself 100% to this magnificent project.”

Lorena Uría
COO & Marketing Manager
Lorena Uría
COO & Marketing Manager

“Passionate about music and Music Business. I came to Sepulchral Silence with the intention of continuing to grow comprehensively; exploring my creative, leadership and teamwork capabilities.

My career as a singer-songwriter, performer, vocal coach, manager and concert producer allows me to integrate human accompaniment and management with the global knowledge and experience of the Music Business.”

Romina Violante
Artist Relations Manager
Romina Violante
Artist Relations Manager

“Artist, Singer-songwriter and Promoter of Culture in all its expressions.

With a cosmopolitan vision, having studied and worked in various countries, I received a scholarship to Macalester College Minnesota (USA) where I received my degree in Cultural and Media Studies, which I then focused professionally on the music sector and where today I develop as an A&R Manager in Sepulchral Silence.

My goal is to give voice and empower the artistic path of our community. Help them professionalize their work, creating spaces, amplifying their music and reach so that it finally gives its deserved impact.”

Ines Mejía
Music Publishing Manager
Ines Mejía
Music Publishing Manager

“Composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. Graduated from the Master Plus in Music Business Management at IMB School in Madrid.

I have extensive knowledge within the Music Business, with experience in the Collective Management Organization of Master Recordings Producers in Guatemala, and also as an A&R in Labels and Publishers.

Currently, I hold the position of Music Publishing Manager at Sepulchral Silence.”

Diana Franco
A&R Representative
Diana Franco
A&R Representative

“Artist in my personal project and A&R Representative within Sepulchral Silence.

After completing a postgraduate degree in Music Industry, my path has led to searching for artists to help them with their distribution process. Our goal is for artists, bands and labels to be able to share their music with their fans in an unlimited way and around the world. There can always be a new listener!

The important thing for our team is to make this process within music as agile and optimal as possible.”

Isaac de Ignació-Simó
Finance and Reporting Manager
Isaac de Ignació-Simó
Finance and Reporting Manager

“Graduate in Business Administration and Management and in Marketing and Digital Communication at Euncet Business School. I am passionate about the business world with a desire to continue learning and training as a professional.

I currently hold the position of Finance & Reporting Manager at Sepulchral Silence. Music has always played an important role in my life, and I enjoy working in the Music Distribution Industry.

I am also a sports lover and a field hockey player in the top National League.”

Maria Fumadó Casanova
Social Media Manager
Maria Fumadó Casanova
Social Media Manager

“Social media strategist and media buyer I join Sepulchral Silence to give life to your social networks and make them vibrate as they deserve. Passionate about the performing arts, I find it fulfilling to be part of projects related to culture and music.

My experience as a professional dancer allows me to have a creative vision close to that of Sepulchral Silence users, I can empathize with them to create and offer them the content they deserve.”


There are more of us working behind the scenes!

In addition to this incredible team, keep in mind that there are more than 40 people working for you.

Customer Service

Specialized staff with a response time of between 24 to 72 business hours.

Royalty Department

In charge of delivering and managing daily royalty payments generated as well as updating income reports for your reference.

IT Department

Responsible for the design, development, administration and implementation of systems on our platforms. Likewise, it provides technical support to our users for an ideal experience when uploading and managing their content.

Quality Control

Team specialized in ensuring the quality of deliveries to streaming platforms. They carry out reviews with a response time of between 24 to 72 business hours.

Anti-Fraud Department

It makes sure to protect the Copyrights of artists through our Anti-Fraud Policy to prevent and eliminate fraudulent use of our services.

Our Allies

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