Content ID is a popular digital fingerprinting system that content creators can use to easily identify and manage their copyrighted content on YouTube. Videos uploaded to YouTube are compared against audio and video files registered with Content ID by content owners, looking for any matches. Sell your music on Youtube Content ID.


Sell your music on Youtube Content ID

YouTube Audio Content ID is not a public music service, but an invisible tracking system. We create a reference whoch allows Youtube to claim all videos that contain your audio. You can only activate YouTube Audio Content ID if you are the rightful owner of the copyright.

ContentID Sepulchral Silence

Service Type

When the audio of a video is matched to Content ID registered content, a copyright notice will appear on the video, and the content owner may choose to take certain actions, such as:

  • Clearing the claim and taking no further action
  • Tracking the video’s viewership statistics
  • Monetizing the video by running ads against it
  • Muting the audio that matches their music
  • Or even blocking a whole video from being viewed

As a YouTube Partner platform,we use the  audio part of the Content ID system to manage and administer copyrighted audio content on behalf of content owners.
When you send your audio to YouTube Audio Content ID, your audio is matched against videos that contain this audio. Automatically, we monetize those videos and will add the generated revenue to your distribution account.


YouTube Audio Content ID works worldwide, but the effectiveness of each claim depends on the territory in which you are the owner of the copyright.

Go Live Time

It takes between 2-5 business days for your Content ID to start generating claims.

Pay rate

When a video containing your music is reproduced on YouTube, you get paid a proportionate share of YouTube ad  and subscription revenue for that video per month calculated on terms set out in our agreement with YouTube. Payments will fluctuate each month, depending on the amount of ad or subscription revenue generated and how often your music was streamed.

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